Dental Bridges in Vancouver, BC

If you’re missing teeth, there are a few different paths that you can pursue, including dentures, implants, and dental bridges. The latter is a particularly good option to explore because not only is it customizable, but there are several variants that you can receive depending on your needs.

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Dental Bridges in Main Street

Looking Closer

The general form of a dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth (pontic) and two abutments. The pontic fills in your vacant socket and the abutments, usually two dental crowns, are fastened to the teeth on either side of the space.

Depending on the type of dental bridge you acquire, the pontic may only adhere to one tooth, or a metal-and-porcelain framework will be added to further strengthen the device.

When You Come In

The very first thing that will take place is a meeting with your dentist. They’ll discuss your hygiene habits at home and what your expectations are regarding treatment, before moving on to examine your teeth and gums. They may also take x-rays. All these things help them understand the current state of your oral health and determine what the most appropriate service is for you.

Once your dentist deems you a suitable candidate for dental bridges in Vancouver, they’ll prepare your mouth. In order for your prosthetic to fit properly, your teeth on either side of the gap might need to be filed down or reshaped. Next, a mold of the area is made.

It takes a couple of weeks for your unique bridge to be created; you’ll be equipped with a temporary bridge while you wait. When it’s ready, you’ll come in for a follow-up appointment and your dentist will install it for you.

Then you’ll be all set and won’t have to feel self-conscious or frustrated with your smile anymore!

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  • Replace missing teeth
  • Stop shifting your smile, which causes misalignment
  • Prevent weak teeth from becoming decayed
  • Boost your confidence
  • Speak and eat with ease!